AOC: Americans Refusing to Wear a Mask Committing ‘Treason’

The truth is right in front of you

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was on the offensive today and was she ever offensive. She called anti-mask, pro-life people hypocrites, and said that the amount of damage and death that they are inflicting upon their fellow Americans amounts to treason.

Art Tubolls of MSNBC’s “Tubolls at Two” show had the exclusive interview with the Freshman Congresswoman.

“Thanks for having me on your show, Art. The hypocrisy is staggering with the so called pro-life crowd. They could wear a simple piece of cloth to help to limit the spread and social distance to limit what does get through the mask. All of the information is out there.

They complain that their Constitutional rights are being trampled on. It’s funny because they can’t tell you how. These ‘Constitutional Scholars’ definitely have one big thing in common with ‘Bible Scholars’. Both have never actually read the texts that they are referencing.

My friend lost his mother to this insipid disease needlessly. All because of selfish subhumans who are so stupid that they believe what the *President tells them. You want to know how stupid these people are? I saw one bragging that she didn’t need a mask because she doesn’t believe in them.

There’s only one term for the crime that people who willingly and knowingly go out to kill their fellow Americans are committing – treason.”

Obviously, the fictional AOC quoted above is spot on. That’s because she is well-educated and understands that the people in the fields of science and medicine have one agenda, which is to create an effective vaccine and get us past this pandemic.

Meanwhile, you stupid taters scream about how the United States is the best country in the world but your dumb asses vote completely against your best interests and think that a worldwide pandemic that most places are working hard to eradicate is a political hoax against your *President.

Because of you, the United States of America is a disease-infested laughingstock.  But, hey, at least you got to own the libs.


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