Bernie Sanders Quits Democratic Primary, Endorses Trump

trump speechless!

In an absolutely stunning development today, Senator Bernie Sanders announced he is immediately suspending his campaign for the Democratic nomination and will endorse President Donald J. Trump in the 2020 election.

While details are still coming in, this could be a game-changer for President Trump. Bernie Sanders has millions of loyal followers that could help push Trump over the edge. And widen his already huge lead in the polls over Joe Biden. Sanders currently is polling at around 45% of the Democratic electorate, so if even if a fraction of his supporters follow his move, Trump will be unbeatable in November.

Asked about the sudden change in direction, Sanders spokeswoman Sandy Batt responded:

“What did it for Bernie was that $1,000 check every American family will receive as a result of the Republican relief package. The Democrats, especially Sleepy Joe Biden, haven’t even come close to doing anything as substantial. What President Trump is doing is a shining example of American Democratic Socialism. Bernie has definitely seen the light and now recognizes President Trump as a true American leader.”

Contacted by this reporter, Trump campaign spokesman Harry Reemes wasn’t quite sure how to respond:

“Obviously, this is all very sudden and we’re still digesting the news. We’re not sure whether this is a Deep Throat type of operation like Watergate or whether this is genuine. While we are pleased with the endorsement, we are still evaluating all of our options, including which cabinet position to reward Senator Sanders with.”

This is a truly amazing turn of events. Could this be the single most important event that propels President Trump to re-election?

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