Biden Admits He’ll Pardon Son Hunter on Day One

Joe Biden admitted to a close friend that he will abuse the power of his office on day one to pardon his son, Hunter Biden, for his crimes in Ukraine, China, and Caledonia.

According to the US Constitution, section 2 article 21, subsection 15, “No president shall grant pardon to a family member or friend without just cause to do so, and not until 3 years of his first term or 5 months of his second term have expired.”

So, even if Joe wanted to pardon Hunter, there’s no way he’d be able to do it until January 2024. And he’d need “just cause” like Trump had when he pardoned Michael Flynn.

Hunter is accused of a whole bunch of stuff he didn’t do and under investigation for a whole slew of stuff he might have done. So far none of it has anything to do with President-Elect Biden, but it’s about to.

Constitutional Scholar and Dean of the United States War College like that Henry guy on Madame Secretary, Art Tubolls, says the prospects of Biden pardoning Hunter may not be as complicated as they seem:

“While it’s nice to fantasize about what section 2 says, it’s imporatant ti remember that it says none of that. The president can pardon whomever he wants whenever he wants. Who wrote that crap? Article 21 subsection 15? The whole document isn’t that long. Dafuq outta here with that.”

A researcher from a conservative think tank disagrees, stating that what article 2 says is easily interpreted:

“It doesn’t matter what the constitution says or doesn’t say. What matters is the spirit of the document and what the founders envisioned, which is progress and social evolution. Except where the 2nd Amendment is concerned, of course. That was set in stone in 1789.”

Damn straight, son. We want our constitutionals to represent those of us who live out in the real America, not a bunch of stuck up folks from big cities that vote in massive clusters.

God bless America.

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