Nancy Pelosi Paid $4 Million In Hush Money To Cover Up A Hit And Run

Nancy Pelosi reportedly paid $4 million to cover up a hit and run. The details remain sketchy.

While there is very little information available at this time, the preliminary report is that Nancy Pelosi definitely paid to cover up a hit and run.

The payment, according to sources that may or may not be credible, was for approximately four million dollars.

When asked to confirm the report, our source said the information is as clear as can be:

“There’s no doubt about it. Nancy Pelosi definitely paid off a hit and run victim. From what we understand, it was somewhere in the area of $4 million.

While there is no record of any such settlement, court records do indicate that there was a settlement between Pelosi and an unknown person, who also happens to have been in a hit and run, for approximately $4 million.

We called the local DA, who told us he doesn’t have any other information, but that from what he understands, Nancy Pelosi was definitely involved in some kind of hit and run, and she paid off the victim for “the vicinity of $4 million.”

Pelosi’s lawyer hasn’t answered our requests for a comment, but his assistant said that all she could do was confirm the report that someone has accused nancy Pelosi of being in a hit and run, and paying someone off. The payoff was said to be in the area of $4 million.

It looks to us, patriots like we can say this with certainty: Nancy Pelosi was in a hit and run, and she paid the victim about $4 million.

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