Schumer: ‘Once Dems Win Senate, We Will Remove All Trump’s SCOTUS Justices’

The truth is right in front of you

Democratic Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer seems to be positively giddy about his party’s chances of retaking the Senate.

In his words, to undo the damage that the Republicans have done to the institution and the United States of America.

“The Republican Party has been hellbent on destroying the middle class of America and the country overall. All that they have been concerned about is maintaining power and confirming judges. When it comes down to doing their job to do their best for the American people, they simply refuse. Hundreds of bills that the House has brought here have never seen the light of day.

Fortunately, the American people see what is happening and are expected to remove just about every Republican from office. We are going to rewrite many of the rules that Mitchard Gene McConnell changed, except we are going to do it with an eye toward a better America instead of just trying to put a stranglehold on power.

First order of business is to remove any Supreme Court Justice who was not confirmed with the traditional 60 votes. Gorsuch – gone. Kavanaugh – canned. Amy Barrett Coney – dogged. Then we’ll get to work on all of the rest of the damage and we will build America back better!”

Speaker Pelosi is in lockstep with Senator Schumer and is prepared to issue the Articles of Impeachment for each of these Justices in the event that the courts exercise self-preservation to try to keep the seats of the new members.

Since it is also expected that the House will see a landslide in favor of the Democrats, nothing will stand in their way to get this done.

These Justices were confirmed fair and square according to the rules in place.  The Democrats couldn’t stop the rules from changing then and it would be completely unfair for them to change the rules once they have power.

After all, elections have consequences and the Democrats need to suffer those consequences.

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