Trump Gets His Biggest Legal Win So Far

The Trump legal team is celebrating a huge win today after Rudy Giuliani’s gamble finally paid off.

In an act of outward defiance against the corrupt people looking to keep Trump out of office by counting every ballot cast in the election, a federal judge has granted Team Trump a stay in one of their biggest cases still on the dockets.

The Judge, Hn Art Tubolls of the 52nd District Court of Appellate Processing, said he had no doubt that this win would start a domino effect across the country, giving Trump a handy victory:

“I have agreed to allow this case to be processed, and with it, I have allowed the campaign to call into question every vote cast for Joe Biden in 2 counties in Montana, which changes the results of the election by no fewer than 4 votes.

“If President Trump can establish that he could get that many votes from every lawsuit, he may just get himself re-elected.”

The processed case went immediately to the 5th Circuit Court of appeals, where it was thrown out for being irrelevant and most likely fabricated.

The important thing is, a judge in a court, whether real or not, has given Trump the go-ahead to keep up his shenanigans until he collects enough money for his new Leadership PAC to keep golfing on your dime for another four years.

Godspeed, Mr. President. May the Lord comfort you and guide you and all of your followers off the biggest cliff in history.

We will never forget the sacrifices you made for us.

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